"I noticed a huge change in my son after Mission Ninja! He's motivated to earn prizes and strives to show more respect & patience at home."

- Molly M., James' mom

"The program we NEED in today's world."

- Lyon P., Paxton's dad

MISSION/ NINJA is a monthly subscription program that focuses on building character in children ages 2-9 years old through fun martial arts knowledge, prizes and belt levels. Ninjas will earn rewards for completing tasks such as helping with chores at home, practicing manners outside the home and getting along with others. 

The program was founded by a Taekwondo master, Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt and elementary school educator.  With over 40 combined years of teaching experience, they have empowered thousands of children in their community. They realized the magical motivation through the martial arts and MISSION / NINJA was born. With the hit of COVID19, many students are unable to train in a traditional academy or attend school. MISSION / NINJA continues to bring all of the important character benefits to our children.

MISSION / NINJA will help your child understand important "missions" in this world that will make them more positive, empathetic, courageous, helpful and kind. MISSION / NINJA encourages leadership, self-motivation, goal setting and more in an age-appropriate and fun way.



Join the program by clicking the "Enroll" Tab

Log-on and complete 2 missions per week! Submit them online under your club membership

Your child will receive fun ninja rewards in the mail every month as well as certificates & belts for every 12 missions completed.



Help set the dinner table or clean up after eating. Helping your parents at home is a great way to SHOW them how grateful you are and how much you love them.

(6-9 year old program)


Tell a person in your family today how much you love them! And WHY you love them! Draw them a picture of your love.

(2-5 year old program)

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